Lola Marin Beumer
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Lola has just graduated from
Graphic Design ArtEZ Arnhem
and is looking for a job!

Graduation project;
"The greek shape bronze statues so real they seem to breathe"
— 2018

“The Greeks shape bronze statues so real they seem to breathe, And carve cold marble until it almost comes to life. The Greeks gods compose great orations, and measure The heavens so well they can predict the rising of the stars.
― Virgil, Aeneid VI, 847-853”

Alphabet: the Greek reincarnated god, the big boss, the biggest company of the world. So powerful yet so vulnerable. For my project I am creating an identity and mythology for Alphabet, the holding company of Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You thought these companies where big yet there is even a bigger company hiding behind it. Within my project I created Alphabet as my main karakter he or she is being created by his own failure and flaws within its own extensions. Fascinated by the similarities between Roman gods, greek mythology and Alphabet, and how in Ancient Rome they used vases as there way of storytelling. I created a whole lot of vases which each tell a story about the reincarnated god Alphabet. My
project is his diary, my project are his stories.